About Us

We dedicate our knowledge and time to bring you arguably the coolest magicians’ utilities ever made! Each and every product is uniquely handcrafted in our Las Vegas shop. Only the finest materials are used and handpicked by us. Our magic props are designed to improve your overall performance while conveying their exclusive style.

High Caliber Magic was started in 2004, in Los Angeles, when Joel Broock and Rico de la Vega were tinkering in the workshop with a wand that was capped with bullet casings. Rico made the original wand and stashed it away for many years. When it was dusted off, it became the foundation upon which High Caliber Magic was built. The name popped out without even thinking about it, and just about demanded that every product be the best it could be. High Caliber Magic is now owned and operated by Joel Broock in Las Vegas.

The door to the magic world opened for Joel at the young age of six years. He began studying magic in books he could barely read. In those years, pictures in complicated books were worth far more than a thousand words to a young mind fascinated by the impossible.

Joel studied his craft alone for eight years, performing his self-designed shows for young and old alike. Soon thereafter, he met two very important people: his mentor, Loren Christopher Michaels, and Master Magician Lance Burton. These two masters of the art encouraged Joel to keep believing and proving that anything is possible.

Shortly after his 15th birthday, he was selected for membership in the exclusive Junior Program at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. A few months later, Lance Burton invited him to be the guest performer on his NBC television special "Lance Burton, Master Magician: Top Secret". At 16, this was Joel's international television debut.

Believing in oneself... the magic had just begun for Joel. Following "Top Secret", he joined the elite team of magicians known as Magic X. Joel then went on to win numerous awards in both national and international magic competitions including the Columbus Magi-Fest, and Siegfried & Roy's Las Vegas World Magic Seminar. He was also one of only 150 competitors chosen from around the globe to compete at "F.I.S.M." (Federation International Societe de Magie): the World Championship of Magic held in the Netherlands in 2003.

When Joel is not performing, he is using his magic experience to develop new and unique products for the magic world.