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Derringer Holster

Stock #: DER-H
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The Derringer Holster™ is made for light carry duty; but using the accessory mounts, it can really be used to carry a lot more than any light carry situation would call for. The Derringer is all about being able to take what you need, without all the hassle of what you don't. When you don't need to take the "whole show" with you, the Derringer is there!

More Details

Gusset Pocket

This pocket is unique to the Derringer. It is very accommodating 4" x 1" x 2" (100mm x 25mm x 50mm) pocket, perfect for any close-up props you may carry. The pocket can also double as a second playing card holder if you need to carry two decks.


(2) Pockets for packet tricks, business cards, paper, coins, etc...

On the backside of each holster is one packet trick pocket. These pockets are two inches deep and keep your packets organized and safe. These are the same pockets that are on our Original High Caliber Holster. The packet trick pockets can hold business cards too, so you can have your cards ready to hand out at a moments notice.


Fast draw playing card holders with one hand release

This holster comes with one new and improved generation of playing card pocket. It will allow you to retrieve a deck even faster than before with the new leather and Lexan lining. The mouth of the pocket is shaved, folded and stitched for a very smooth holstering action. The deck is held in perfect tension, which needs only the slightest pressure from your index finger to be removed. This new design has quickly taken over and now is the standard for all of our holsters.


(5) Accessory mounts

The holsters have 5 accessory mounts strategically placed on the holster. Each base (left and right) have (2) one inch loops. These base mounts give you the option to hang your existing pouches or steal gimmicks at your side. Your loads can hang just like they would if they were hanging inside your jacket, but without weighing down the jacket and tearing at the lining. All of the weight is on your shoulders so there is never any concern with obvious dimples, generally associated with hanging loads inside your jacket. The Derringer allows for the largest accessories because of its compact size. You could even get an add-on with the lower pockets of a ricochet to make a totally modular system. The fifth mount is a grommet in the center of your back on the straps. This mount is perfect for hanging larger loads in the small of your back. With these accessory mounts, the holsters are more flexible than ever before.


Adjustable shoulder straps that are guaranteed to fit anyone.

Our fully adjustable strap system can accommodate any size ranging from a child up to adults wearing a coat size 60. The system has 4 straps that are worn similar to a backpack. Each strap is independently adjustable, so you are sure to get a perfect fit.



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